Basic Fresh Tomato Sauce

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Meow, dickhead.

Surreal though it may sound, I woke up this morning in an apartment in Palermo and found some grungy looking tomatoes in a fridge. It’s Lewis’ fridge, and also his apartment so don’t worry, it’s not an accident that I’m here.

The tomatoes were looking a bit sad mainly because he stores them in the fridge (you shouldn’t really do this as it ruins their cellular structure and flavour but he’s at work and I haven’t told him this yet) so I decided to make a tomato sauce with them. I used to do this quite a lot on the boat with big, beefy tomatoes that were on the turn, so here’s a quick recipe so that if you ever find yourself at a loose end in Italy in October, you know EXACTLY how to entertain yourself.

You will need:

  • Any number of tomatoes that are going off (any variety too, but chonky ones are best for this recipe – the smaller ones do better roasted with olive oil)
  • Extra Virgins
  • Dried oregano/basil
  • Black pepper
  • Splash of red wine/balsamico
  • garlic cloves (between 1-65)

Roughly chop your tamatas into quarters (I don’t bother peeling them like some recipes do). Put them in a pan that will fit them snugly but they’re a few inches deep – you don’t wanna be frying them is what I’m saying. This obvo depends on how many tomatoes you’ve got.  Splop in half a mug or so of water, a huge lug of olive oil (I used about 75ml for 600g of tomatoes but up to you tbh), 2-3 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped, oregano, and salt and pepper. Simmer this for ages (at least 40 minutes) on a very gentle heat, stirring when the whim occurs. When the tomatomomatas are soft and lots of the liquido has gone, add in a splash of wine. Simmer this a bit more and taste it. If it’s really acidic, add a lug more olive oil. Season the sauce to your own taste with whatever else you fancy. This is lit on steaming hot fusilli with shagtonnes of parmesan.







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