Curried Cauliflower Puffs and Why Christmas Isn’t Over Yet

Oh. It's January. How has that happened? It was June last week, then I ate some turkey, and now everyone on my social media feed is making vegan beef forerib out of beetroot and cashew nuts.  I decided long ago, on the grounds of an irrational hatred of the Gregorian calendar (base twelve makes me … Continue reading Curried Cauliflower Puffs and Why Christmas Isn’t Over Yet

Pineapple Downside-Up Cake: A Hankering

Hankering is a fabulous concept. It encapsulates a culinary quest; a determination to carefully hunt down and savour whatever delicious morsel might have lodged itself in your consciousness this week. Like its younger cousin, the craving, hankerings won’t go away until they’re satisfied - but that’s where the similarities end. A hankering can wait, humming … Continue reading Pineapple Downside-Up Cake: A Hankering

Mini cheesy leek puffs

Life's been a bit all over the place for me lately. It seems the ever-present narrative of getting a good degree from a good university in order to get a good job is basically Moses promising sugarcandy mountain to the overworked animals in George Orwell's famous political allegory. Some degrees are more equal than others, … Continue reading Mini cheesy leek puffs