Pear With Me: Crispy, Chewy, Sweet Fruit Strips

Image result for sexy pear
Pear Strips

So I’ve just made a chocolate and pear crumble (possible recipe later) but that’s not the exciting part. When I was peeling my pears while listening to experimental jazz fusion, I had the sudden sense that throwing away their skins with all the fibre and goodness would be a bit of a waste. I don’t know if it was the jazz talking, but I was in a bit of a multicoloured mood, and Brain was free floating in ‘yes, do it’ bit of hyperspace I often occupy. So I chucked that pile of peel in a separate bowl along with a big squeeze of honey and literal shagtonnes of cinnamon, mulched them all about a bit with my hands before spreading them out on a baking tray and ovening them at 180 for 15 minutes or so. I then took them out and tried one. And lo, in the oven, they’d transformed from slightly bitter, soggy strips of meh into glorious, chewy, sweet bits of fun. Like if beef jerky were both sweet and vegetarian.

Anyway, next time you’re peeling pears (ok, not a regular occurrence but whatever) do give this lil trick a whirl.

Much love, everyone.


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