The Sanglier That Came to Tea (Plus Courgette Fritters)

For those uninitiated, this series is about the time I spent cooking on a goat farm in France. It was bonkers. This is part IV which, happily, comes after parts I, II and III. Part IV is about The Sanglier That Came to Tea, and you’ll get a courgette fritter recipe too. I think this … Continue reading The Sanglier That Came to Tea (Plus Courgette Fritters)

The Goat Shit & Courgette Chronicles III: You Jammy, Jammy, Bastard

The plums. It was the the plums that convinced me to stay. There were hundreds of them, pops of colour peeking out from the foliage and weighing the branches down with their beckoning plumpness. The thought of filling clean jars with hot jam danced around in my frontal lobes, replacing any feelings of panic or unease, so I went back to the barn to ask Evelyne what she usually did with them