Pineapple Downside-Up Cake: A Hankering

Hankering is a fabulous concept. It encapsulates a culinary quest; a determination to carefully hunt down and savour whatever delicious morsel might have lodged itself in your consciousness this week. Like its younger cousin, the craving, hankerings won’t go away until they’re satisfied - but that’s where the similarities end. A hankering can wait, humming … Continue reading Pineapple Downside-Up Cake: A Hankering

2 Ingredient Blender Hot Chocolate

I was asked recently whether I knew any good cooking 'hacks'. " enough salt?" I proffered hopelessly, the cooking bit of my brain escaping out of my ears and slithering away from me, winking. I scrambled desperately for something else. "And, um, let me see...don't bother peeling carrots." Cooking Brain laughed and mooned me, before … Continue reading 2 Ingredient Blender Hot Chocolate