FULLY NOURISHED: Scotch Broth with chilli, lemon and kale

THE "GET TO THE RECIPE" BIT: It’s always a bit of a cop-out option to start any piece of writing by talking about the words you hate, but I’m going to do it here anyway, because I am feeble in the face of linguistic convenience. So, among ‘hearty,’ ‘yummy,’ ‘flavoursome’ (or its barfsome American cousin, … Continue reading FULLY NOURISHED: Scotch Broth with chilli, lemon and kale

Balsamic Mushrooms with Halloumi and Basil

I have, over the last few months, graduated from studentdom and become a proper adult. I now pay council tax, have too much laundry and made my ever first visit to Halfords to buy a special treat for my pet car. Such good work, Freeborn! Do reward yourself with an after-work nap and quick browse … Continue reading Balsamic Mushrooms with Halloumi and Basil

2 Ingredient Blender Hot Chocolate

I was asked recently whether I knew any good cooking 'hacks'. "Err..well...um...use enough salt?" I proffered hopelessly, the cooking bit of my brain escaping out of my ears and slithering away from me, winking. I scrambled desperately for something else. "And, um, let me see...don't bother peeling carrots." Cooking Brain laughed and mooned me, before … Continue reading 2 Ingredient Blender Hot Chocolate

Mini cheesy leek puffs

Life's been a bit all over the place for me lately. It seems the ever-present narrative of getting a good degree from a good university in order to get a good job is basically Moses promising sugarcandy mountain to the overworked animals in George Orwell's famous political allegory. Some degrees are more equal than others, … Continue reading Mini cheesy leek puffs