Excellent Potato, Onion, Bacon and Cheese Thing

At risk of turning into Sir Nigel Slater, I ask you of you this: is there any combination of onions, bacon, potatoes and cheese that doesn't taste good together? The best, most obvious amalgamation of the above is the outrageously rich dish of tartiflette, which contains so much cheese that it's actually illegal for lactose … Continue reading Excellent Potato, Onion, Bacon and Cheese Thing

Pork, Sage & Mascarpone Lasagne Bake

Christ no, not my photo - what do you take me for, some sort of professional? Hello beauties. The degree is over. It is done. I am a free woman. Yipee. I've celebrated so far by going camping, climbing, skiing, hillwalking, and having some back-garden-barbecues with pals. I've made sangria, burned sausages, and cracked 7 … Continue reading Pork, Sage & Mascarpone Lasagne Bake