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I’m Fliss, which is short for Felicity and long for F. I make money selling words, which is pretty mental if you think about it, but also it’s not all that much money, so I don’t try and think about it too often. That’s a longwinded way of saying I’m a writer.

I live in Glasgow, have a normal number of toes, and my favourite food is just about anything that’s been oak-smoked.

If you really like my writing and want more Fliss Content you can follow me on Twitter, where I post an inordinate amount of daft shite and slag off the government. If you don’t fancy that sort of thing, why not marvel at my awful food photography and drop me a follow on instagram, where my millions* of fans hang out. I happen to think LinkedIn is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but I have it so that journalists from the Sun or the Daily Mail won’t think I went to private school. Which I didn’t by the way, although everyone assumes I did because I’ve nicked my voice out of a Radio 4 catalogue.

Oh, and I didn’t wanna be all salesy about it earlier but I’ve written a cookbook and it’d be the tits if you bought a copy. Even I think it’s quite good.

Lastly, do feel free to abuse the form below in order to make me laugh as much as possible. You can also ask questions in the comments, or email me with queries too. The last thing I want to do here is upset anyone, so if I’ve got something wrong, do let me know ASAP. I love getting emails and will be sure to respond as fast as I can.

Big love and happy cooking,

Fliss xx

*squillions, actually