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I’m Fliss, which is short for Felicity and long for F.

If you find anything I’ve written problematic and want to throw me under the Murdoch bus, please roast me using the form below and I’ll fix it before I’m defamed for life.

If you like me, do say something too; I run on oats and other people’s praise.

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If you really, really like me you can hire me. As well as being a scummy student, I’m also a freelance copywriter because I like having extra money to spend on nice cheese. My serious writing portfolio is here.

That’s enough self promotion for now.

I hope you sit somewhere between mildly ambivalent and thoroughly entertained when it comes to Student Cuisine, even if you’re not a Gloomy Teen. Thank you very much for reading my bollocks – it means a lot.

Also feel free to abuse this form in order to make me laugh as much as possible.

Big love and happy cooking,