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I’m Fliss, which is short for Felicity and long for F.

If you find anything I’ve written problematic and want to throw me under the Murdoch bus, please roast me using the form below and I’ll fix it before I’m defamed for life.

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Oh, don’t go anywhere near my LinkedIn by the way – I present myself as being relatively normal over there because my big-girl day job is being a marketing and business development exec for a battery technology company. Aye, ya heard that right. I sell batteries.

Lastly, do feel free to abuse the form below in order to make me laugh as much as possible. I like memes which validate my high-brow cultural knowledge (and cats. Bloody love cats). You can also ask questions in the comments, or email me with queries too. I love getting emails and will be sure to respond as fast as I can.

Big love and happy cooking,