7 Kitchen F*ck-Ups (and how I mostly fixed them)

It occured to me, as hot butternut squash soup spaffed itself merrily across my work clothes the other evening, that no one really writes about their own kitchen mishaps. Yeah, sure, there's troubleshooting guides aplenty by lots of foodies, dressed up in warm, genial tones: "Hush, hush darling, don't worry about your split ganache; just … Continue reading 7 Kitchen F*ck-Ups (and how I mostly fixed them)


To set the scene for this dish, please type "noot noot, toot toot" into Google Translate and get the little man in the laptop to tell you how it sounds in Italian. Preferably over some loud speakers. I promise you won't regret it. Right, that should absolutely lay out the mood: we're flirting with italian … Continue reading PRETTY SIMPLE PESTO PARMIGIANA