Fajita Flavour Chickpea Casserole (Vegan, Vegetarian) £ like no money


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This recipe is easy on the kitty. 

Hello, dearest readers.

I couldn’t think of what to make a while back, so instead of dipping slices of mature cheddar in onion chutney for dinner and scranning them over the sink instead of using a plate, I found an old fajita mix packet in the cupboard and challenged myself to make dinner with it. Now, I did not have anything remotely fajita-like in the house. I’d eaten all my sweet peppers, shunned all my chicken breasts and done away with my cheese (for chutney-related reasons as above). So. What do?

Reader, I found a can of chickpeas. Two cans, in fact. And then, I stumbled across some tinned tomatoes. And some onions. And lo, an idea formed.

I started off by slicing my red onions into thinnish strips and frying them, gently, in a little bit of olive oil. I let them go translucent while I pondered consciousness for a while. Then, the magic  came. Once looking lovely and golden, I tipped in the whole fajita packet mix in with the onions. For reference, it was two smallish red onions, about the size of a small onion each, and then the fajita mix was schwarz gluten free spicy fajitas, which is actually rather delicious, despite my general avoidance of all things pre-mixed. Or prixxed as I often say. (I don’t.)

I let all the lovely spices mingle with the onions on a lowish heat and then I poured in both cans of tomatoes. I found – and subsequently added – some tomato paste, soy sauce and a big pinch of smoked paprika (yeah: no cheese but you bet I’ve got smoked paprika), and then glugged in a slug more olive oil. I let this simmer for about 20 minutes while I watched too much James Acaster on Youtube, and then came back to it, tasted it and thought it was lovely but needed salt. I therefore added salt, and then my two drained cans of chickpeas. I let it simmer again for about 10 more minutes before serving it with homemade crusty brown bread and some butter, which negated the whole vegan thing but oh well. It was delicious, and I highly recommend you trying this if you have these sorts of things in your house. A splash of red wine would have made it even better but who honestly leaves wine kicking about?

Tata for now.


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