Every Food Item I Tried in Asia, Ranked Alphabetically, for No Reason


Yours truly with a teeny, tiny banana. This was after a rain shower when we cooked instant ramen noodles on a park bench in the middle of Taiwan.

If you’ve been watching my Facebook feed closely, or even from a distance, you’ll know that I have been swanning about in the East for the last two months for various reasons. It’s been absolutely ace and I’ve had some amazing adventures and experienced different cultures and seen some cool shit but BLAH everyone’s written about all that before. No, what has set my adventure apart, I think, is my incessant need to go out of my way to put exotic items in my mouth-hole. I’ll try anything and everything, and this trip truly tantalised my adventurous taste buds so, for your pleasure and my self satisfaction, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Stuff I Ate. This is mostly stuff I’ve never tried before, or weird variations of normal things, like odd flavoured crisps. The whole thing is completely pointless, of course, but watch out for new, unusual ingredients popping up in my recipes from now on. Sorry to all the non-meat eaters out there – I gave up all notion of vegetarianism when I got to China, and have since eaten most bits of pig you can think of. And duck. And god knows what else.

Baked potato flavour crisps
Bamboo shoots
Black pudding crisps
Brown sugar boba
Bubble tea (liters and liters)
Chinese Churros with sweet custard filling
Chocolate Mushrooms
Crispy sweet pork
Crunchy cartilage in spicy coating
Cucumber Flavour crisps
Custard Apple
Dragon fruit
Dried garlic peas
Dried jackfruit
Dried passion fruit
Dried peach
Dried strawberries
Duck tongue
Fish Balls
Fried Dough twists
Fried Spring Onion Pancake
Fried dumplings
Fried fava beans
Grape flavour ice-cream in a ball
Grass jelly
Lemon jelly soup
Lotus Root
Mango and white chocolate jellies
Melon ice lolly
Mochi Ice-cream
More sushi and Sashimi – octopus, cuttlefish, cod roe
Peach flavour crisps
Pickled bamboo shoots
Pickled morning glory
Pig Intestine
Pig fat – cold with skin – not tasty
Pig knuckles
Pig trotters
Pig’s ear – tasty
Pineapple shortcake
Plastic stick ice lolly
Popping candy ice lolly
Pork on a stick
Purple dragon fruit
Quail eggs in baked beans
Red bean paste: steamed buns, pumpkin cakes
Red dates
Roasted vacuum packed chestnuts
Sesame cookies
Smoked plum juice
Soft cartilage in noodle soup
Squid flavour crisps
Sugar Apple
Sushi flavour crisps
Taro ice cream
Tempura squid
Tinned chinese wine
Tuna/salmon sashimi
Very nice crispy pancake thing filled with hot custard
Wheat kernel tea

And you made it! Well done. You should treat yourself to something delicious, like crunchy pig cartilage on a stick. Yum.

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