Butternut Squash and ginger soup: 20p per serve

soupOk so this soup uses butternut squash because they were the cheapest thing going at lidl the other week – just 69p for one massive vegetable that ended up making about 9 portions of soup. You’ll be able to find butternut squash for under a quid anywhere at this time of year and they are super good for you and damn easy to cook. That said, if you’ve only got some manky carrots in your cupboard, it’ll work fine with those or any other root veg. The only thing that you might want equipment wise is either a hand blender or a normal blender, but if you don’t have one, don’t panic  – it’s just as nice CHUNKAAY.

All my prices are Lidl prices as that’s where I shop. If you’re posh and go to sainsbury’s (or if you have no choice) stuff will cost more but it’ll still be super cheap compared with a meal deal!! And I assume you’re not cretins and will have basics like salt pepper and oil handy

Stuff u need:

1 butternut squash – 69p

3 medium spuds – 30p

1 or 2 onions – 10p each

2 garlic cloves – 7p

Thumb sized piece of ginger – 14p

1/2 a red chilli or more if you’re badass- 10p

2 liters of veg stock – 10p

3 teaspons of peanut butter (optional) – 20p

Lime zest (optional) 10p


Heat your oven up to about 180 degrees. If you don’t know where that is, it’s about centimetre less than the hottest setting if the numbers on your dial have worn off on your oven, like they have on mine.

Grab your squash. Don’t bother peeling it; ain’t nobody got time for that. Cut it length-ways in half and scoop out and discard the seeds. Cut each half in half again and lay on a baking tray along with your potatoes that have been cut in half. Drizzle that bizzle with oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper and cumin (if you have it). Bake it for 45 mins or until it’s soft and smells good. Go do something else while it’s in the oven, like your laundry or write an essay title.

When you want to actually make the soup (you can do this anytime after you’ve roasted the veg; months, days – wouldn’t recommend years tho) get the biggest saucepan you can find and melt some butter, marge or a splash of oil in it (roughly a big spoonful) on medium heat. You then add a big onion, chopped however finely you can be bothered with and then after that’s softened a bit, add 2 cloves of minced garlic. Now add your very finely chopped ginger (peel it first, you ape) and then some finely chopped chilli. Let that all cook for a bit  – add some water if it’s going a bit dry. Chop your cooked squash into chunks, discarding the skin. Chop your potatoes too but keep the skins on – extra fibre and less effort. You won’t die. Add the spuds and squash to the onion mix and stir to coat. Add as much veg stock as the pan will hold and give it a stir and a quick boil through till everything is soft af. Taste it and see if it needs salt or a dash of soy sauce. Then, blitz the shit out of it if you have a blender, or leave it as it is if you don’t.

If you’re using them, stir in the lime zest and peanut butter and wait for it to melt. I also think big dollop of thick coconut milk would be nice here, especially if you’ve overdone the chilli. Serve with coriander if you’re fancy. You’ll have loads so portion it up and freeze it. Defrost on high for 6 mins, stirring halfway, or until piping hot.


Ta da!

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