Easy, Cheesy, Sleazy Pasta £CHEAP

Whasson my lovelies!! 

You may have noticed that this wee blog has been a bit neglected the past few months an y’ain’t wrong – I’ve been doing lots of lovely cooking still, just struggling to find time to write it all up. But since I handed in my assignment yesterday, I’m here now and all that will change! I want to focus on Meals of Food that one can put together in less time than it takes Theresa May to negotiate a Brexit Deal, so that basically means I’m giving myself infinite time, money and resources while promising to do things as quickly and cheaply as possible. Anyhoo, I think I’m better in the kitchen than she is so here is a cute, cheap lil easy pasta recipe (one of two going up today; this is the cheesy one, the other will be tomatoey) that, like all of my stuff, is pretty customisable. And please enjoy this captivating stock image while we’re at it:

Image result for stock photo woman eating pasta
How amazing is this? Some poor bloody model ACTUALLY HAD TO POSE FOR THIS. HAHAHA. 

TBH I have no idea how much this makes – if you have leftovers, just put it in the fridge and heat it up when you like. Oh, and yes, it’s similar to carbonara but it’s not really, hence why I’ve not called it carbonara. It might inflame some italians. 

Thou require’st :

(Tbh all you need is cheese, pasta and egg but add the veg cos it’s well yummy)

  • As much pasta as you damn well like; don’t let any bugger judge you. You can choose any type but I like shells because you can float them on things and pretend they’re a small boat. 
  • A block of cheese about the size of a bar of soap but for the love of god don’t get them confused. I used brie last time cos I’m bougie af but pleb’s cheddar will do.
  • Egg (singular)
  • Big handful of spinach; like proper big cos it shrivels away into nothingness as soon as it smells hot water
  • Half a mug of peas or however many peas you like – I think 112 is a good number of peas. 
  • Any other green veg you like, like broccoli, kale, sugarnaps etc (Guide to cooking them can be found HERE) Can also be frozen veg. 
  • Any herbs you’ve got going like basil/parsley/oregano. Avoid spices for this one tho – it’s a delicate dish.
  • Saltz
  • Black Pepper (lots)
  • Nootmeg if you’ve got it (nutmeg and cheese is incredible)
  • A tiny smoosh of either lemon juice or wholegrain mustard

What u is doing 

Boil yer pasta in water WITH SALT ADDED. While this is cooking, grate your cheese, whisk your egg, and then combine them both with your herbs and black pepper and make sure it’s all mixed good.

When the pasta is just on the undercooked side of al dente, like your favourite mexican orthodontist, add your veg and cook for a further 1-2 minutes. Drain and add back to the pan and TURN OFF THE HEAT. Now the magic happens: quickly add your egg and cheese mix to the pasta and stir it all in until the cheese has melted. It’s very important to have the heat off for this bit, as you just want the egg (singular) to be cooked through by the heat of the pasta, or it’ll scramble and go gross. Add nutmeg if you like, and a squish of lemon juice or mustard to it, give it another quick stir and then eat straight out of the pan to save on washing up. A skoosh if I ever saw one. 





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