Coconut and corriander Thai style noodles: 38p per serve


Food photography is my calling; linguistics is a wasted effort. Btw, my noodles are brown because I used soba (buckwheat) noodles but you don’t have to – ramen will work better, probably.

Hello! I’ll start with a few words:

hook, crumpet, bling, adrenaline, chinchilla.


I make this soup fairly regularly now, as it’s so sick and quimple to do and fills you up no end, due to the mountain of veg you can add. It’s also a bit of a different flavour profile to my usual curries or Italian style food, which makes a nice change from the monotony of life here on earth.

This recipe is really customisable – you can add whatever to it and it won’t complain. It also makes 4 servings so you can do the freezer thing for later.

Stuff wot u need

4 portions of rice noodles/egg noodles/ 2 packs of ramen – 40p

1/2 tin of coconut milk – 19p

300ml veg stock/ chicken stock – 7p

smol chilli, choppled – FREE –Windowsills are your friend

Smol piece of ginger, grated tae feck- 6p

Big old load of soy sauce  (like, a tablespoon)- 5p

juice of a lemon/lime – 8p

1/2 Bunch of corriander – 30p

Frozen peas – 15p

Frozen or fresh spinach – frozen = 17p

Slicely thinned carrots – 5p (carrots are 1KG for 29p at lidl this week 😉 )

Any other veg u fancy – spring onions go nicely in this

Hard-boiled eggs/ bits of chicken if ur about the meat life/ tofu


What u do

In a pan fry ur chilies and ginger* in a tiny teeny bit of oil to make the flavours come alive. If you have thai curry paste, now is an ideal time to use it. I thought I did but when I opened the jar, it had grown its own ecosystem which had evolved top carnivores, so that had to go straight in the bin.

Add your coconut milk and let that moogle for a bit on quite a lowish heat. If you’re using some hard veg like carrots or broccoli, add these in now for a bit and then add your stock and let that simmer away.

In a separate pan (RIP those who live in a 12 person flat), cook your noodles until they’re not quite done and still a bit hard in the middle. I’ve found that cooking them in the actual sauce makes them go a bit gloopy cos of the fat from the coconut, so do them separately. While your noodles cook, add to the coconut sauce your peas and other soft veg, lemon juice, soy sauce and spinach. When your noodles are not quite cooked, drain them and add them to the sauce, along with the biggest load of corriander (choppedly roughed) you can manage. Taste it and season with some black pepper, adding more lemon juice if it’s flat or more soy sauce if it needs depth. Leave it simmer of a teeny bit longer, just to make sure all the noodles are cooked right though. Serve hot af in bowls, topped with your protein of choice. I used eggs cos they’re cheap but I’m sure sommin else will be just as tasty.

uh, that’s it really – not much else to say.

Have some more words:

Serendipity, urethra, copper, salivate.


*just had a dirty and dangerous thought about shitake mushrooms; these would be super good in this.


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