What I ate for dinner last week and more suggestions for when man got no time

Hello chaps, been pretty busy the last couple of days, so this is gonna be as quick as possible too. I considered removing all of the vowels bt smhw tht md thngs rlly hrd t rd.

Basically, here’s what I ate for the meals last week where I didn’t want soup, fish fingers or dahl (that’s still what’s lurking in my freezer atm – v useful from a long day but sometimes you want something that’s not soft, yanno):

Oven baked fish with veggies

As simple and easy as counting to 54, this is well-quick and tastes awesome. I won’t bother with a recipe list cos this is what I did:

Get some noice fish. Lidl were offering 2 sea-bass fillets for £2.15 so I picked up some of that and got excited. You can do this with just about anything though, and although I prefer fish, this is equally doable with chicken. I grabbed some frozen green beans, put them in the centre of a square bit of foil and drizzled them with olive oil, black pepper and a wee bit of salt. I then placed a fish fillet on top of those beanz and drizzled this with a teeny tiny bit of oil, some fresh parsley (you can use dried if you’re non-committal to da plant lyfe), lots of black pepper and a leeze of squemon. What I then did was scrunch the edges of the foil together, like a big metal pasty, encasing the fish and beans in a lil house. This creates a steamer effect which makes the fish SUPER MOIST AND FLAKY YUMMITY YUM. I then put this in the oven at around 190 degrees for just under 20 mins. Cos my oven is a bit off kilter sometimes, yours might need more or less. Check it after around 15 mins. The fish should just be flaking apart with a fork; only just mind. There’s nothing worse (apart from car theft and hangovers) than overcooked fish.

I didn’t serve it with rice or anything, because it meant that I could have more pudding. (cinnamon bun, if you’re curious – recipe soooooon). But you can put it on whatever – I think mashed or boiled spuds would be nice with this.

Another cool idea is to do this but with pesto on top instead of lemon and parsley.

Falafel burgers


So yesterday I made falafel burgers for my lunchy lunch and had them in a toasted pitta bread with hummus and cucumber. They were awesome and I ended up with 3 big ones left over, one of which I ate around an hour later cos they were really nice.

It’s genuinely such a simple, cheap thing to do and I went from being hungry and full of hate to satisfied and full of falafel in less than 15 minutes. No joke.

I put a drained can of chickpeas in my (absolutely horrendously awful) blender and added a clove of garlic, a small, roughly chopped red onion, a teaspoon of cumin, a large bit of fresh parsley, a large bunch of chopped coriander and some salt and pepper, before blending it to within an inch of its life. I then added a egg and an tablespoon of wholemeal flour and r it round a bit to incorporate everything. This was quite soft but I made it into 4 big patties and a smol one and put them on a plate while I heated up some oil in me trusty pan, which is now going to be called Herbert, until it was boobling.

I shallow fried my patties in my trusty Herbert til they were a deep golden and bubbling on the outside. The, I shoved them into a toasted pitta with some hummus and finely slice cucumber and WOWEEEEE happy Fliss and hopefully happy you if you try this.


Eggy spinach mush-push

Sometimes all you want in life is a egg.

I use 3 to do this, so you get a big ol’ protein hit and loadsa veggies too. This is basically a glorified omelette but harder to fuck-up.

I cracked 3 lovely free range (pls don’t buy battery eggs) into a bowl and seasoned them all noice with some basil and that. I pan fried some of that crap that needed eating up in my fridge (about a third of a red pepper, tiny onion, bit of garlic, going-soft cherry tomatoes) til they were cooked-ish and then wilted some spinach in. I scoopled this up into a lil pile in the centre of the pan and then poured my eggs around it. I then forgot about it for 5 or so minutes, came back and flipped it adding MANY CHEESE to the golden underside which is now on top. I then ate it right there for me tea. Piece of eggy-cake.



For the first time: a summary

So, I hope you guys manage to cook something out of the 3 mildly average ideas I’ve just shared. Any suggestions, or stuff you want to know how to do/ cannae be arsed to google, hit me up.  S’long bitches, one has an essay to write…


4 thoughts on “What I ate for dinner last week and more suggestions for when man got no time

  1. Hi, for your oven-baked fish recipe, do you use fresh or frozen fish?
    Love you blog btw, thanks for great recipes and content.


    1. Hi, for oven baked fish I use thick fillets of frozen cod or haddock and cook it for about 25-28 minutes, but do check it after 20 depending on how hot your oven is. If you use fresh fish cook it for 15 minutes tops in a hot oven. Check it after 10. If there’s one thing that upsets me (other than the rampant inequality on which modern capitalism depends) it’s overcooked fish. Good luck, and thanks for reading!


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