2 Ingredient Blender Hot Chocolate

I was asked recently whether I knew any good cooking 'hacks'. "Err..well...um...use enough salt?" I proffered hopelessly, the cooking bit of my brain escaping out of my ears and slithering away from me, winking. I scrambled desperately for something else. "And, um, let me see...don't bother peeling carrots." Cooking Brain laughed and mooned me, before … Continue reading 2 Ingredient Blender Hot Chocolate

“You’re a complete tosser”: Scottish Man Makes Salade Nicoise Wrong

"Are you doing that on purpose, Lewis?" "Doing what on purpose?" "THAT." I point at the salad spoons which Lewis is using upside down, handle-end buried deep in olives, boiled potatoes and lettuce. He's practically mashing the tatties at this point. "No idea what you're talking about, pal," he says, looking me dead in the … Continue reading “You’re a complete tosser”: Scottish Man Makes Salade Nicoise Wrong

Mini cheesy leek puffs

Life's been a bit all over the place for me lately. It seems the ever-present narrative of getting a good degree from a good university in order to get a good job is basically Moses promising sugarcandy mountain to the overworked animals in George Orwell's famous political allegory. Some degrees are more equal than others, … Continue reading Mini cheesy leek puffs

Spatchcock Chicken in the Dead of Night.

Take these broken wings and learn to fry. "Spatchcock." The chicken spoke quietly, but distinctly. "Spatchcock," it said a little louder, a calm voice emanating from the chiller section of Lidl. I stopped in front of it and considered things for a moment. I'd wanted to make some sort of bulgar wheat chickpea salad thing … Continue reading Spatchcock Chicken in the Dead of Night.

Pork, Sage & Mascarpone Lasagne Bake

Christ no, not my photo - what do you take me for, some sort of professional? Hello beauties. The degree is over. It is done. I am a free woman. Yipee. I've celebrated so far by going camping, climbing, skiing, hillwalking, and having some back-garden-barbecues with pals. I've made sangria, burned sausages, and cracked 7 … Continue reading Pork, Sage & Mascarpone Lasagne Bake

Bot Hoss Cruns – Nigella x Felicity²

It's hot cross bun weekend, because how better than to remember the horrific biblical practice of crucifixion than by painting a flour-paste cross onto some sweet enriched bread, quietly sniggering at the Easter Bunny's lack of klout compared with Santa, and cramming mini eggs into your face as fast as they'll fit. Well, these HXBs … Continue reading Bot Hoss Cruns – Nigella x Felicity²

10 Ways To Fix A Leek In Your Kitchen

Leeks are the gangly teenage boy of the onion family: they're both slightly grubby around the edges, and can be very awkward in the wrong context. The talents of both are underappreciated by many. Leeks have a milder, sweeter flavour than other alliums, so do better as a main element of a dish rather than … Continue reading 10 Ways To Fix A Leek In Your Kitchen