Italians HATE her: savvy student shares pasta HACK in melanzane mayhem

A student from the University of Edinburgh has gone “viral” for sharing a simple trick to make dinner on a budget.

English Language student Fliss Freeborn, who is also the female president of the “Make Italians Angry” society (known to members as the Mama M.I.A) posted her recipe for a simple pasta dish on the M.I.A Facebook page last night and has broken the society’s record for interactions, with 5 shares, 26 likes and 13 comments.

The recipe involves one simple trick which commenters described as “f****** g**k** f***h*”. One member took to the platform to praise the student for her ingenuity and said “wow, even Gino D’Acampo doesn’t even cook this good haha” to which Freeborn replied “My grandmother was a bike”.

The recipe itself uses a jar of red pesto from the budget German supermarket chain Lidl, which is poured around softened diced aubergines and white onions which according to Freeborn’s post, are cooked in “approximately 9 liters of olive oil”. She allegedly seasoned the dish with salt, pepper and oregano, and stirred in a “large handful” of chopped basil leaves just before serving. She used parmigiano to top the innovative dish, but in an email exchange with The Daily Excess this morning, confirmed that it is also “cool” to use pecorino, and that fusilli is the best type of pasta because it “clings onto the sauce like a koala with separation anxiety”. When prompted for other comments regarding her sudden fame, the now-well-known chef said “I’m just excited that people like my dish. Any negative comments I’ve received about being lazy or a tight-arse are from people that haven’t tried my food. It’s so unfair. I’ll be writing to my local MP about it.”

You can view Freeborn’s viral post here.

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