Milo’s Classy Espresso Martinis


Milo’s beautiful babies

Has the boredom set in yet? The scenic route betwixt kitchen and bedroom wearing thin? Are you spending your days waiting til 5pm so you can crack open that beer? (Lewis certainly is, but then I would too if I had a thesis due in 3 weeks that I’d barely started).

Well, if you’re currently at home with a well-stocked drinks cabinet, THIS is the recipe for you! Milo is one smiley bean, and it’s no wonder if he’s drinking these badbois round the clock – it’ll probably make the journey from bedroom to kitchen so much more interesting.

Here’s his unadulterated method for the perfect espresso martini, which doesn’t cos £9 a pop.

Looking SHARP, Milo.

The perfect after dinner drink if, after dinner you’re planning to get fucked up and go dancing till 5am. You need:

  • 50ml of strong coffee
  • 50ml of vodka
  • 20ml (more if you like it sweeeet) of kahlua or other coffee liqueur
  • Ice cubes
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Fine strainer/sieve
  • A cold martini glass

1) Make the coffee as close to espresso strength as possible. I use an aeropress with a tablespoon of fine ground coffee and 70ml of hot water, leaving the grounds to soak for about 30s before extracting into a mug or jug.

2) Fill the shaker with ice and add 50ml of coffee

3) Add 50ml of vodka and 20ml of kahlua to the shaker

4) Shake thoroughly until the side of the shaker has frosted (about 20s)

5) Carefully strain into the glass, waiting for all of the foam to drain from the shaker

6) If you’re looking to impress, float a couple of coffee beans on top of the foam before serving. If it’s just for you, get it down ya!

P.s. Note that it is not wise to make “the ultimate espresso martini” and drink more than half a litre of it in a night, it will end in tears and it may put you off this wonderful concoction for a rather long time.”

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