Baked Apricots in Spiced White Wine

September has arrived, and with it, reduced apricots in tesco. I picked up a punnet for 48p this morning on my bleary ‘run out of milk’ realisation-pop-to-the-shops. I had some leftover white wine (I know, judge me) so I knew just what to do with it.

This is so simple it barely counts as a recipe, so I’ll format it differently; in an acrostic poem perhaps?

Arrange halved, stoned apricots in a small baking dish

Pour over about 250ml of white wine

Runny honey should be squeezed over next

I like to add a sprinkle of demarea sugar too

Cinnamon also and obligatory nutmeg

Oven temp is 180 degrees -bake it for 20-30 minutes

The apricots should be soft and caramelised slightly, with the wine syrup bubbling away

Serve with cream or ice cream


Image result for baked apricots
Oh look, nice food photography. Cos I didn’t take it. Copyright goes to google cos this is the 8th image that comes up after google image-searching ‘baked apricots’. The reason I didn’t have a photo? Ate the lot before realising I could put it on my food blog.

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